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Live Upload is an App I have made an investment in. The App started as a car-spotting App and has since gone on to become a map-based Social Media App.


It also has an amazing Rally Mode, where you can start a rally anywhere in the world and invite as little as 1 or a hundred people to join and you can all track each other on the map. 

The Rally Mode is for car rallies but can be used by individuals, sporting teams, event organisers or even families wanting to go out and track each other. It is very functional and clever. The Rally Mode is free for a basic user and you can set up a rally anywhere in the world in advance. You then plan the route and Google maps will plan the quickest route for you. You can invite participants, share the route with them and once you start the rally on the day, they will get notified and can join. Then you can see each other anywhere in the world in real-time and within a metre!

As a social media App, you can post your photos in up to 15 categories and tag them or find photos under various tags such as fashion, food, cars etc 

The beauty of Live Upload is that unlike all other social media apps, it is map-based showing real-time and actual location of all photos. 

This App is still in its early stages and is being updated regularly. I am inviting you to join Live Upload and register a username and start using it. You will want to get in early now while it is growing. 

Click any of the links below to download Live Upload for free. 

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