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"How to make money the RIGHT way without risk, uncertainty or getting scammed."

Who is Parham?

Parham Donyai is a successful serial entrepreneur and founder of several well-known companies.

He is experienced in all aspects of business from inception to growth into hundreds of millions of pounds. 

What does mentoring by Parham entail?

Mentoring by Parham is an all-encompassing experience, addressing ALL aspects of business and success in life. Parham is a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and works with you from the ground up. This means dealing with any personal issues that may be troubling your growth all the way up to the main aspects of starting and growing a business. 

Unlike other mentors that may not know much or be one-trick ponies, Parham will help you with anything and everything that you need help with. Examples are: Trouble with parents, trouble with partners, having no idea of what business to start, branding, profit and loss, struggling to grow your business etc etc The list is very long, just imagine him as your one-stop shop for when you want to be very successful in life and business. If you wish to learn more about his business know-how, please read some of his popular and no-nonsense books available in the Shop or on any Amazon store. Parham is not some corporate guy that has decided to be a "business coach" to make extra money! He is a genuine success that started with zero and has walked the walk several times and is still very much an active serial entrepreneur. 

How does mentoring by Parham work?

Parham has several active businesses and thus his mentoring is limited to those who can afford the fees and those he feels he can truly help. Typically, he can do mentoring face to face, via Skype, email and/or phone calls. All work is pre-paid following which an appointment will be booked for you. All terms will be outlined to you at the outset and you will receive a list of what is planned for your mentoring. 

Please note that Parham only takes on people he believes he can help become very successful. Whether you get taken on very much depends on your personality, drive and aspirations. 

What are the costs for mentoring by Parham?

Imagine you are going to jail for something and you find a barrister that gets you off and gets you out of jail and enables you to go on and start a successful life in a field of your interest. How much would you be willing to pay them?

Mentoring by Parham is very much a case of "you get what you pay for". Very few people are like him in the way he thinks and the way he approaches individual challenges. 

Costs for mentoring by Parham vary according to what exactly you require.

The idea is that his mentoring costs represent a percentage of your growth, so if you have paid £100k, this means you have grown by for example £2m as a direct result of his mentoring. Please note that Parham is a world class business leader and entrepreneur and his fees represent that. If you are looking for an affordable "bargain" advisor, he is not for you. However if you are looking to not miss out on growing your idea or business, have someone with real expertise help you reach your short and long-term goals and possibly connect you to his network of other successful individuals, then you will not regret having Parham as your mentor. 

Most clients are long-term clients and retain his services because of the results they have achieved. 

Apply below only if you have the means to pay for his services. You can start with a Skype/ Zoom session also.

How can you pay for Business Mentoring by Parham?

​All clients have different needs, budgets and funds. The costs of a business mentor are legitimate costs that can be included in any business plan, whether you are crowdfunding, going to a bank, relative, investors or using savings. Costs for business consultancy by a qualified consultant can be off-set against your tax bill!

You may think a business consultant is an expensive luxury. This depends on your way of thinking. If you find the right person that can accelerate your growth 10 or 100x in a short period, then you will agree that it is a great move by you. The costs of a mentor are covered by your investors or funders. Even if you have paid your mentor yourself from savings or by borrowing, you  get all your costs back in the form of a tax off-set!

This is why many smart start-up entrepreneurs seek the right mentors as a necessity. With the right mentor, this is a no-risk win-win and a guarantee of success as long as you have taken your time and been smart in choosing a mentor.


Success stories

Due to client confidentiality, names cannot be given, however below are some examples of Parham's mentoring and results. 

Dry Cleaning Company

A small dry cleaning shop, expanded to become a well-known brand with many shops across London with home delivery and pick-up, serving celebrities and massive corporations. 

Turnover went from circa £100k to in excess of £2m in little over 1 year. 

Mr Universe
Parham has worked with many athletes over the years. This one particular athlete came to Parham at a time when he was going through a rough time and losing track of goals and lacking drive. Parham worked with him over a period of 1 year for him to win the Mr Universe title and worked on his branding and general presentation. He subsequently went on to secure a number of sponsorship deals and moved to a different country to further his career.

Estate Agency

In a very competitive field, Parham worked with this one particular estate agency to reduce their costs, completely rebrand them and increase their turnover and profits in very challenging times. This was done through the way the company came across, through expanding their network in a rapid way and through selling additional products to a wholly different sector.

Turnover went from circa £3m to £50m in 3 years.

Luxury brand

Parham is very experienced in premium and luxury branding. He is currently working with a very unique luxury brand in all aspects of their branding, sales and expansion. 

Often one small suggestion can make an impact in the tens of millions of pounds. This can be in choosing a name, tagline or the way a product is sold. This has been the impact of Parham's mentoring on this particular brand and hence why he is continuing to work with the client to further grow the brand. 

How to apply

If you have the funds, the mindset and the determination to succeed and you see the value of having a world-class mentor with proven success helping you reach your goals, please fill in the form below.


As well as mentoring virtually, you can have personal one to one mentoring with Parham in or near several of his properties. Current locations where Parham regularly mentors are:

The Algarve

Marbella - Puerto Banus

Mayfair - London




You've shown you are serious by coming this far, now fill in the form below and let's see if you can reach your "big" goals

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