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Get Rich Or Die Reading

Get Rich Or Die Reading

This amazing book contains a valuable collection of quotes for motivation, health, life, success and making money, from successful entrepreneur Parham Donyai. These quotes are from over 2 years’ worth of posts on Instagram under his handle @f17one, having already been read by tens of millions of people.
Get Rich or Die Reading can be considered a life and success manual for anyone wanting to make more money, live a healthy and happy life and become more successful. Take your time reading each and every quote as there is a huge amount of knowledge and value in each and every one of them. 

How to get and stay motivated
How to exercise your brain to get what you want
How to combat negative thoughts
How to make correct judgements
What business should you start?
To get rich, do you need to be tight or generous?
Why you need to ditch negative people around you
What is the best way to deal with wealthy people?
6 steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur
Why networking is super important for success
Why your comfort zone is your enemy, how to recognise it and get out of it
How to get to know yourself
Why speed always triumphs over perfection
How to be more successful by being aware of your internal language
Why it is better to work for your money than be given it
Why the strength of your character will determine your ultimate success
The people you should avoid on your way to success
How to stop being nervous and anxious
How to choose the right path
How to deal with nasty people
What should you invest in?
The one secret of successful people
How can you tell if someone is lying
How to control materialistic urges
What does glass half empty and half full mean?
Top 10 tips for not getting stressed
How to anchor for later success in life
The boxes to tick for mega success
What’s on the other side of scared? 
Like when you want to go up to a girl?
The power of your subconscious mind and how to unlock it for wealth creation
How to get more people to like you
How to find the right path again if you’ve lost it
What is integrity and why you need it
Why it’s important to invest in solid things
8 friends of mine and how they became successful
Why profit is the foundation of any successful business
7 things for becoming successful
What is instinct and how you can perfect and use it to get rich
How to find the right business idea
What you eat can affect your success
Why it’s important to never give up
How to beat procrastination
How to avoid a mid-life crisis
How to “live” right now
How to spot con artists
What successful biopics have in common
How to decide what to do in life
How to be great at sales
Why you must embrace risk
And tons more!


Also available from all Amazon Stores. 

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