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How to be a Successful Entrepreneur AUDIOBOOK

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur AUDIOBOOK

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur is a practical and highly detailed guide to the mindset you need to have and the actual steps you need to take to become successful in business. Whether you are starting out and looking for an idea or you already have a business, you will find a whole array of useful information within the pages of this fascinating book. 


Parham Donyai gives you real life examples of success and failures and why each happened and how you can replicate success and avoid failure. 


Most similar books are not written by actual successful people. They are more “pie in the sky” theory books. Parham Donyai has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and has amassed an enviable worldwide property, art and car collection. He is the founder of several multi-million pound companies including LA Muscle Sports Nutrition. Here, he shares his secrets to success and doesn’t hold back. If you have wanted to learn the real “secret” to becoming successful alongside a step-by-step guide on how to do it, here is your chance. 

Topics discussed in detail in this book include:


  • Are you the Entrepreneurial type? How to find out if you are.
  • The Mindset of an entrepreneur and what you need to do to replicate it.
  • Should money be an important objective?
  • How to get to know and trust yourself and your own instincts.
  • Finding the right idea that will make you money.
  • Protecting your idea.
  • How to start your business journey.
  • How much money should you be making?
  • How to deal with your emotions to be successful.
  • Setting and achieving targets.
  • The art and necessity of delegation.
  • Habits of successful people such as nutrition, waking up early etc.
  • How to effectively deal with stress and not let it affect your climb to success.
  • How to be profitable from day one.
  • How to brand yourself, your product or service. Very important section!
  • How to deal with competitors in a way that helps your ultimate success.
  • How to deal with legal issues. How and when to sue or defend an action.
  • Advertising and effective marketing and how much you should be spending. 
  • How to be a powerful salesperson and make money.
  • Neurolinguistic Programming skills (NLP).
  • Efficient tax planning and ensuring you don’t get a surprise that can make you bankrupt. 
  • Finding a great accountant that will be by your side. 
  • The traits of successful entrepreneurs and how you can emulate them.
  • Real life success and failure stories. 
  • How to “Peacock” and win every time in whatever life situation.
  • Hiring wisely to build-up a great team around you.
  • How to deal with numbers and statistics to become and stay profitable.
  • What to invest your money in.


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