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How To Start A Profitable Business AUDIOBOOK

How To Start A Profitable Business AUDIOBOOK

How To Start a Profitable Business

With No Prior Knowledge And Without Risking Your Money


Most of these new-age coaches/mentors do not want you to buy a book like this! Why? Because a great deal of information they charge thousands for is here for under £10!!! 


What's more, the information comes from someone who has been there and done it. Someone that has gone from zero to millions of pounds in property, cars, art and more. 


A business without profits is like a balloon floating in the sky. Parham Donyai shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in building hugely profitable businesses in this book. You learn to define your own success and how to set your mind up to achieve it. That “why” is the key to your success. You are taken through specific tasks and exercises to make sure your mind is set up for success.


You learn about various types of businesses from those driven by passion, to those that are based on new ideas or those that are a copy of others. Then, you can decide which route you should take. The importance of being profitable and how to get and stay there is emphasised throughout the book. 


You learn about:

How to find your ideal product to sell

Which industry should you go into

Whether you should go into the services industry or stick to products

How to do market research

How to create your brand

How to start advertising that brings in revenues and how to track it

Who should your ideal customer be

How to plan for your business journey

What is a good profit?

How to increase your turnover without risking profits

What you should spend your money on when you start out

The importance of persistence

and so much more...


You can also read some great examples of businesses that stand out and are hugely profitable. This book is for anyone that wants real practical advice from a successful business mentor that has been there and done it. These are not pie in the sky theories made out by so-called “coaches” that have never had a real business. The principles in this book will guide you to start and build a profitable empire. 

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