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Mentoring Black Level

One Client, Once a Year Given Unprecedented Access to the mind of Parham Donyai. You will GROW!

  • 99 hours
  • 1,000,000 British pounds
  • GBR

Service Description

Spend an unprecedented amount of time, up to 4 business weeks (working days) in the year with Parham Donyai. You will spend time around his properties in Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, London and be treated to a huge amount of knowledge that will take you decades to otherwise gather - or you may never gather! Typical clients include those who want to be helped in every step of their business, social and personal life to be guaranteed success on the highest levels. Parham's highest level of mentoring can help with: shyness, assertiveness, being out of touch with reality, not having friends, not being able to read people, social anxiety, addiction, taking the wrong path as well as the many levels of business growth such as branding, pricing, marketing and much more. Please note: You will need to be vetted and selected for this programme. Having the money to pay is not enough. You will be assessed to see if you are suitable.

Contact Details

  • GBR

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