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How knowing yourself is the key to becoming successful in anything you do

Successful people know themselves pretty well. How can you get to know yourself & become successful? You can by gaining more experience and with some exercises. Most people don’t know themselves. That’s why they leave it to come out as gay or become successful in later life or even worse, never fulfil their full potential because they never found out who they really are. When you know yourself, every decision you make will be the right one - or even if it is the wrong one, you won’t dwell on it. 1. Write down 5-10 times in your life when you truly believe you made the right decision. Once you have done this, go over those times and write down 5 character traits you possessed at those times. They could be things like: assertive, analytical, aggressive, thoughtful, daring… These are your innate strong traits. Of course, some people change but most people keep these traits and that is their true self. 2. Who is your idol or someone you look up to? Write down 5 characteristics you like about them. This is how you see yourself and you desire to be. 3. Write down 5 occasions when you have been very sad. Now, write down 5 feelings you felt at those times. Such as anger, frustration, revenge… These are the 5 traits you want to avoid and never get close to feeling. 4. Close your eyes and think of the most wonderful place you have ever been to or you imagine you would want to go. Imagine the sounds, feeling and vision in your head. This is the place you want to go to when you are stressed or when trying to sleep for example. Blow it up in your mind like a movie. Knowing yourself is most importantly about knowing what are your positive traits and what are you negatives. You want to nurture the positive and keep the negative dormant. You want to know what decisions make you happy, sad or successful BEFORE you make them. You can also ask yourself something like: “What would happen if I…” Then fill in the blanks. This would help too.

Knowing yourself

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