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How long does it take to buy your first Ferrari?

How long does it take to buy your first Ferrari? When I was much younger, I asked a well-known successful businessman a question. He said to me: “You’re right if you think you can’t do it”. Then he paused and said: “You’re right if you think you can do it!”. I remember at the time I thought WTF (or the equivalent of it, which was probably SOB!). I really thought it was some sort of riddle until I got a bit older. You see, what he said is so true. It is what you “think” that will dictate whether you are right or wrong. Whether you can or you can’t. I’m sure loads of people say things like this and it doesn't grab your attention. A bit like “make sure you drink water”. But I cannot emphasise enough how important your “thinking" is. Now, how long does it take to buy your first Ferrari? You are right if you think it takes 1 year and you are right if you think it takes 100 years! Firstly, it doesn’t have to be a Ferrari. It has to be a car or thing of value that causes an emotional stir in your heart and soul. I bought my first Ferrari a year after starting and am telling you this because it is a car-related page but I actually bought other things like art way before and of way more value. Choose a car or object that you really desire and write down the price of it. Say £100k. Now you have 2 options, aim to buy it outright or buy it with a deposit and paying monthly. Both will work and both have their advantages and disadvantages (more later). Can you get it within 2 years on your current salary. If you can’t, you need to change tactics and I will cover these in later posts as Insta has a word limit. I will just tell you that 90% of these people you see who keep changing cars on Insta do not have real money! They just have one or two £30k deposits that they keep rotating between various cars. So don’t be fooled into thinking getting a nice car is really hard. Nothing is hard when your “thoughts” and mind are set right.


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