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How to go from a £6 watch to a £60,000 watch

How do you go from a £6 watch to a £60,000 watch? One word: Targets. I am still shocked when I meet excited new entrepreneurs and they really have no grasp of this concept of setting and achieving targets at all costs. Let me give you a workable example you can try right now and see if you have what it takes. Use your own instagram account or set a new one and set a target of 300 new followers by tonight! It seems like a big ask, right? Especially if you have little or no followers. Do you understand what a target is and what it means? I REPEAT. Do you understand WHAT A TARGET IS? If you do, PROVE IT. A target is something that you must NEVER fail in achieving. You can start right now. Post something interesting. Go and start commenting on as many popular and relevant posts by other people, especially people with good followers right now. Try and comment early on in a post. Go and follow as many people as Instagram allows you in one day. You can unfollow later. Go and like as many posts as you can. After all this, see how many new followers you have. Is it 300? Is it time for bed? Forget bed buddy. 😡 You need to stay up AS LONG AS IT TAKES to hit that target of 300. AS LONG AS IT TAKES. To go from a £6 watch to a £60k watch (and beyond) you need to HIT EVERY TARGET YOU SET FOR YOURSELF. Yes, it needs to be realistic but always on the high end. Don't go to sleep like most of these so-called ambitious people who don’t know what ambition is. Think you can make it? Go on then. Hit 300 new followers and report back once you have. There's a 2nd lesson here which we will discuss later!

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