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How to grow big in business by hooking up with the biggest guy you know!

Here is a tip to get you growing in whatever you are doing. In the fitness world, a person that wants to get very muscular very fast, is advised to train with the biggest guy in the gym. Guess what? In entrepreneurship or business, you also need to do the same. Find the BEST person you know or have access to and ask them for help and advice. If you want to better yourself and succeed, firstly you need to set an exact goal of what it is you are trying to achieve, then you need the help of a catalyst like an experienced person to get you there quicker. They can cut years of effort off your eventual success! How can you find this person? Ask your friends/relatives about successful people they know. Get introduced and see if they can help you. Alternatively, find people online but be VERY CAREFUL. There are SO MANY con people out there who have made NO MONEY but will take yours and promise you the earth. Personally, I never go to any financial advisor or mentor and never did as most of them were poorer than me! When I finally chose an accountant, I was very happy with him. Why? Because he has his own plane, helicopter, Aston Martin and huge property portfolio! Now, that’s an accountant!! Don’t be too proud. Even if you have to spend some money with the right person, the rewards will be ten fold - as long as they ARE the right person and not just claiming to be. That's why things like huge arms (for the gym trainer) and obvious signs of wealth (for an advisor) are good signs as long as the arms are not full of Synthol and the wealth is not rented!

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