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How to succeed without "hopping"!

Hopping is what a lot of people do and it gets them behind with their plans and puts back their success. If you have developed a plan for something, stick to it and don’t get distracted. Some people get easily distracted and pay too much attention to others and especially their competitors. For example, let’s say you have decided to launch a product in the middle market and you are doing well. Then you see someone in the cheaper market slashing prices and you decide to slash prices to compete with them. This is hopping (my terminology 😃) and it interferes with your plan and puts you back. Another example is, say you are a photographer taking photos of luxury cars in London and your plan is to grow that business/account. Then you see someone else reposting videos of others and growing, so you think, hey I will do the same and grow too. IF your initial plan is/was strong enough, you should stick to it and not hop around. Those who hop tend to carry on hopping and never take their plan to conclusion and eventually don’t become successful. Set a “good” plan in place with a good target and set about achieving it. It is OK to look at others and be aware of competition but you should ideally not take extra steps and “hop” in and out and be easily influenced. Stick to your own plan.

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