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Succeed by changing your internal language

Here’s how to become more successful by becoming aware of what is your internal language with yourself. I am going to pose 2 questions. Which one makes you want to really act on what I am saying? 1. Don’t miss out on meeting me next month. 2. Come and meet me and unlock your full potential to be truly successful. Which one? You see, some people act at the thought of "missing out" on something and others act and are driven by what they will “gain”. It is imperative for you to know which type you are. You will then need to adjust your internal speech and your surroundings to match that particular type. For example, I am the “gain” type. I couldn’t care less about missing out on something,. Everything in my head is set to gain, gain, gain. I set goals and want to gain. But many people ARE driven by this reverse way of thinking - losing out. They don’t want to lose out on becoming an entrepreneur, they don’t want to lose out on buying a particular thing or by missing out on an opportunity for growth etc. Once you have figured out what is your primary “driver” then your goal-setting and internal thoughts will become much clearer to you. Here is another tip on the same subject. If you want to ask someone out, figure out what type THEY are and act accordingly. If they are the missing out type, tell them things like: “If we don’t go to see Chris Rea’s concert together (I know, I love his music) he may die and we will miss out and never see him again”. If they are the gain type, tell them something like “You are going to see one of the greatest artists that ever lived, you will enjoy every minute and love the atmosphere.” There is much more to this subject but I will go over them in future posts!


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