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How your strength of character is the key to your success in anything you do

Did you know that for most people, it is the strength of their character that ultimately determines whether they will succeed in their chosen endeavours or not. I was reading about Britain’s first lottery millionaire who won almost £18m in 1994. He recently died at 65, penniless and by all accounts unhappy. The story is that following his win, he went from being a religious family man to getting a divorce, gambling and a life with prostitutes and one of various spending sprees and mismanagement. I didn’t know him, so I cannot comment. However I have seen that what ultimately determines whether someone succeeds in business and other ambitions such as weight loss, happy relationships and so on is the strength of their character. And boy, money really tests that! If you want to become successful, you really need to work on strengthening your character. Your character is like your body’s “core”. How can you do this? Here are a few ways: 1. Have some core values that you live your life by, such as honesty and integrity. 2. Be loyal to people who are loyal to you. 3. Be selfless with the people you love. Love is the ultimate expression of selflessness. 4. Be a man/woman of your word. Don’t go back on your word. 5. Don’t be tempted by anything that takes your attention away from your goals. You can start by resisting that cake if you are trying to lose weight. This will lead you to resist that cocaine when you become rich! I mean it. If you don’t practice with controlling your mind, then you won’t have control over it for bigger things. I never drank or smoked or did any of the things my friends did. And I was called all sorts of things. I didn’t care. Nowadays people are astonished at how much control I have over my mind. I started early.

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