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A unique rather depressive way of motivating yourself to set & achieve goals

I get happy when I reach goals. Now, a rather depressive way of making sure you set some goals and achieve them. Ready? Want to know how not to waste your life? Many people find it hard to reach goals in their lives and before they know it, they are 60 or 70. Want to avoid this? Go to a cemetery. Pick a random grave and read the inscription on the tombstone. It will probably say something short about the person. Now imagine decades from now and your name on that tombstone and think of 5 achievements engraved on there. What would you “like” them to be? What would you like your tombstone to read? It could be something like: X (your name) married the woman of his dreams, X started a clothing company that made £5m in 10 years, X authored 5 books on his city or whatever. Write down these 5 KEY things you want to be engraved on your tombstone (sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you will get there!). Now, remember these 5 SPECIFIC tombstone goals and workout a backward plan from your tombstone all the way to now. Workout how long it will take you to achieve each one of them. Set a time limit. Go about achieving them and always remember that they MUST be ENGRAVED on your tombstone so you better achieve them. Personally, I would put a few years as the time limit and wouldn’t go all the way to decades ahead. That way I can go back to the cemetery and pick another tombstone and imagine 5 more achievements and set about making sure they are done too. I know, this is a rather depressive way of setting and achieving goals but it really does work for some people who find it very difficult to set and achieve goals in their “lifetime”.

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