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How do you carry on after a setback?

A common question in business (and life) is how do you carry on after a set-back? As an entrepreneur (if I may be so bold as to call myself that!) to me, there is a straight constantly forward-moving line that is taking you to your destination, whatever you have chosen that to be. Setbacks are part of that continuous journey and whilst they are not welcomed, they are part of it. You just need to carry on. Imagine you arrive in Paris Gare Du Nord and you want to go down to the south of the river to collect a £1m lottery win. You could have a map (goal, targets etc in the real world) or no map (just drive/ambition). Along the way, you will get lost, you may get tired, you may get mugged, you may stop and enjoy yourself a bit, you may even get ill. Is any of that going to stop you from collecting your £1m? Business is like this. If you have set yourself a CLEAR goal, nothing should stop you. I remember in one of my first businesses, I lost ALL my products in the first week of opening because there was a burst pipe in the building and flooded my office and destroyed everything. I have also been threatened, had competitors (galore) trying to steal my ideas and have sued and been sued countless times (though let’s just say as an ex lawyer, those who have sued me have regretted it quite fast!). I have had great years and some horrible years but nothing will stop the journey along the continuing forward-moving entrepreneurial path to the chosen destination - I have very set goals (which I may share with you in future). If you have a set-back, don’t worry about it. It is part of your journey. It’s a small part of your journey and you should CHOOSE to see it as a small part of your journey. You ask HOW? Close your eyes, imagine yourself big and successful in a few years and reduce your current setback in your mind to a tiny dot along the path to success. Keep practising this visualisation every time you have a setback.

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