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How to deal with very wealthy people!

What's the best way to deal with wealthy people? Do rich people only deal with rich people? I am generalising here but on the whole, very rich people only deal with other rich people - or at least that is their preference. I will give you an example. When I first moved to Marbella many years ago, I was relatively well off in London and had power, money etc. To the very wealthy people in Marbella (yes there are many of them as well as the pretenders), I was a nobody. Now, because of my strong personality and success, it took me all of 1 day to get in with who I wanted to - but had it not been for that, I would have struggled. They want to know things like, who do you know (do you know Enrique, Banderas or Julio? for example). (I didn’t but my neighbours in Marbella were very wealthy and known). What watch do you wear? (I went and bought a £50k watch the next day from Gomez & Molina and man it made a difference to the way I was perceived!) Where do you live in Marbella? (I was in the right place) What car do you drive HERE in Marbella (well, as you can guess, I drove the RIGHT car!) - what you drove in London was irrelevant! Rich people have conscious and subconscious antennas to suss you out and see if you are worth dealing with. And it is VERY difficult to bypass these, especially if these people are not too old and they have been successful in business. You can dress up in a suit to look like them, but they can tell from your cheap suit or your over-enthusiasm that you are not like them. You can talk big about who you know, but your negative body language will give you away. To deal with rich people, you need to either a) get rich (which IS possible) or b) watch very closely other rich people and emulate them but be careful not to be over enthusiastic and c) learn body language and CONTROL your negative body language when you are dealing with rich people i.e. don’t put your hand over your mouth, don’t cross your arms, don’t have dodgy eye contact (too little or too much) and so on.

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