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How to get a Black American Express Card

I’m going to try and tell you how to get an #americanexpress #blackcard as it seems to be one of the most common questions I get asked. Here is a photo of my actual #centurioncard and as you can see, I have had it since 1999 (my 20s). The card to me is #valuable as, unlike other things you can't just #buy it or apply for it! You need to be #invited to have one of these. It opens a LOT of doors from the #exclusive #membersonly offers to #amex having their own #reserved table at many restaurants etc And best of all, this #creditcard is #unlimited! There is NO #creditlimit set! If you want one, you need to start with a plan to make more money for starters. Then forget about all your other cards and put everything on a normal Amex card. There is no shortcut or easy way. You need to become #wealthy & #successful, you need to spend a LOT on your Amex card and you need to wait and be invited. It is rare to have this card. Though some normal #business people do have it, I have only ever seen very wealthy people with one. The #platinum is easy to get but for the black card, you need to start making some serious money - which of course is possible and many people do on a daily basis. So: get a normal Amex, work your way to Gold and Platinum and in time you may be invited for the Black. Do not waste the opportunity by buying stuff on other cards.

Black American Express

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