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How to get motivated and stay motivated

I'm going to tell you something you may not know about #motivation in a second. I don't have a #laferrari. Don't particularly want one either though I've been offered them. What about you? Are you "motivated" enough to get one? On #Instagram many people dish out advice and one of the main ones is "be motivated". WTF does that really mean??? "Don't die!" "Eat food!" REALLY? If I was younger and starting out I would be asking but HOW do I get #motivated and how do I stay motivated? I'm going to tell you 2 tricks now. So rather than me wasting your time with things you know I'm going to tell you things you hopefully don't know! 1. To #getmotivated grab a physical photo of something you aspire to. This needs to be something achievable but not very achievable. So if you can afford a £10k #car then grab a #photo of a £50k car and stick it everywhere. On your walls at work, office, student room... make sure it emotionally gets you going. So a car/house/item that makes you #happy by looking at it. Now make sure you look at that photo regularly and remind yourself you are going to get it. I do this a lot but with much bigger things 😉 2. How to stay motivated: Take a small physical photo of yourself smiling and put it in your pocket (not a digital photo on your phone). EVERY TIME you have #success in anything or you feel happy in any way, make sure you take it out and look at it. This associates that photo with #happiness in your #mind. Then at times you are not motivated, make sure you take that photo out and have a good look at it. This will be like a small #motivational exercise for your mind and will start getting you more motivated. Hope the above is helpful! By the way the same happy photo will work if you are ever unhappy. Just take it out and look at it for 30 seconds.


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