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How to get rid of people who are holding you back - NOW

Here is one important lesson. Who is holding you back? Write down the name of 1-2 people that may be negatively influencing your life & decisions. They can be anyone from your parents, to your partner or friends. Now listen carefully. I have over the years helped many obese people lose weight and one of the most controversial things I do with them is to tell them to ditch their fat friends. I know it sounds horrible or not politically correct but to be honest, I am a bit fed up of all this politically correct crap. If you are hanging around other fat people, eating like a pig and not exercising, then you ain’t gonna’ lose weight! Ditching their fat friends is something that almost always works well for the people that come to me and are SERIOUS about getting rid of their old ways. Same goes for smokers who hang around other smokers and so on. Now, let’s come back to you. Do you have someone around you that is holding you back from making progress and getting to where you want? Think VERY carefully. They can be influencing you directly or indirectly. By directly, I mean they can be talking negatively to you, saying things like: “You can’t do it” “It is difficult” “Don’t risk” etc. And by indirect, I mean that they can be affecting your mood and state of mind. An alcoholic father? Druggie best friend? Depressed girlfriend? Friend with constant turmoil or drama? You need to ditch them! I mean it. If you are serious about success, you need to make a choice. People cannot hold you back. You only have one life and you only get 1-2 shots at serious success. So, get rid of the moaning girlfriend or see your negative parents less often. Just for a while, until you succeed. Once you have got to where you want, you will have more control, power and certainty and then you can choose to introduce negative people back into your life - or not.

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