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How to improve your networking and why it is so important

One could call it a networking event. One of the greatest skills that successful people have is that of networking. #Networking is where you put your “baggage” at home and you don’t assume anything about anyone. You are happy to chat to anyone and you don’t have a negative aura about you. You also don’t burn bridges and you keep all doors open. A LOT to ask! Lol When I first started my business life, I was a terrific networker and it was 100% a big reason for my #success. I used to talk to anyone about anything and kept my book of contacts open. As my businesses grew, I networked less. Partially because I was very busy and partially because (and again I am being honest with you) I grew a little arrogant and didn’t think I needed anyone. This was a mistake. Of course, as your success grows, you need to be selective in who you deal with but you cannot forget about networking. Some of the most successful people you see are fantastic at networking. Example in point is @y14nny of @yiannimize He knows so many people and is friendly to all! I also have a very good Egyptian friend of mine that is like a walking contact book of who is who everywhere he goes. He never loses contact with anyone and always leaves a door open with everyone. He jokes and talks to everyone. Whether you want marble from Spain, produce from Chile, treasures from Egypt or whatever, he is your man. And he makes money out of being a great networker. If you want success, in any area of your life, open your mind, drop your barriers and try and be good at networking. Go to parties, join various social media, keep friends and be open to things. Whilst I am on Instagram for the time being, as some of you will have noticed, I answer most messages. It’s called networking 😉


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