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How to mould yourself into the S (success) type

What type of person is this? They say there is a type A. Aggressive, go-getter and prone to heart attacks! There is also a type C, caring, giving and prone to Cancer! Is there a type S? Prone to success? Whilst I believe there are some lucky people, such as those born in a rich family that learn everything from a young age and are then given the family business, I do believe you CAN mould yourself to a type S. It’s not for everyone, but if you want it bad enough, it is possible. The type S has certain traits, here are some and quick ways you can emulate! 1. Problem Solving - Successful people are good problem solvers. Try and get your problem solving mind working by doing puzzles and repeatedly doing IQ tests and seeing where you got it wrong and try and figure out how to get correct answers. 2. Achievement - Success people achieve stuff. Try and achieve little things and build up on them. For example, save your money (don’t spend it) and buy something you have been wanting. Whenever you get success, you can use an anchor like a “fist in the air” to later on remind you of your successes. 3. Build a good network - Start getting in touch with all your old friends and acquaintances. Let them know you are up to something and it’s good to stay in touch. You never know when people will become useful and for what. It’s essential to have a good network. You can also start TODAY by networking on social media! 4. Write down all your plans. By writing, I mean pen and paper which works best. 5. Get to know yourself and trust your own judgements - this is a huge topic which I will address later. 6. Wake up early - Most successful people don’t crawl out of bed midday! 7. Take risks - But make sure they are calculated. Start by taking small risks today and gain experience. 8. Take time off - If you are overworked and stressed, you must take time off and ideally go as far away from your normal life as you can afford.

The Success type

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