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How to overcome failure?

This was one of my #ferrari458spider s. Standing next to it makes it look like it was real easy to get. How much do you have to fail to succeed? They say Sylvester Stallone went to 1000 agents before he got his break. I don’t mind telling you that I failed my O’levels, A’Levels and failed my second year degree! I had to retake all of them! In my mind, I wanted to get educated and get a degree so I carried on past my failures and eventually got a 2:1 in Law. 99% of people will give up upon failing at the first hurdle. There is a rule in sales that if you can persist up to 7 calls/contacts, you will get the sale. I can tell you from someone that has employed a lot of salespeople, most don’t even get past the 2nd call. Going past failure is a skill that you must master if you want success. And you know what? Most of the people out there just talk and don’t truly understand what it is like to go past failure, rejection, set-backs and carry on again and again. You have a goal to achieve and NO AMOUNT OF SETBACKS should stop you from getting there. But HOW can you master this skill of going past failure? Remind yourself of your end goal constantly And remember that victory is so much sweeter when you achieve something that had a lot of setbacks along the way. Have alternative plans that get you to the same destination. If on your map of Paris, your main route is blocked with roadworks, find some alleyways that will still get you there. In any difficult situation, think outside the box and find at least 2-3 alternatives. When I applied for my law degree, I got rejected from every university I applied to! The one I really wanted to go to was in London. I called with no luck. Then I wrote a letter to the head & clearly explained that I REALLY wanted to only go to that university and told him about my struggles and my passion. I got in. I still have the acceptance letter! Most people would have given up on getting the "sorry you are not accepted” letter. Don’t be afraid to challenge, to ask, to persist. Others are just human. Push the right buttons and you will get what you want. More later.

How to overcome failure

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