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How to succeed by "goal-setting"

I’m going to tell you how you can do the same in a second. I’ve had a lot of cars! Even when I was younger and I managed to afford this Renault 5 GT Turbo (which at around £600 was a lot of money for me), I bought 3 different ones in the end. This blue one was my favourite, even if the front grill was wonky! I will showcase some of my “from this” to “this” #cars for you in the following weeks. This #ithicaverde #lamborghiniaventador was actually my 3rd #aventador. How can you do the same? I would say "goalsetting" is a big one. The brain's external reality is a representation of your internal #thoughts. I truly remember that when I decided to buy this Renault 20+ years ago, I didn’t have the money but set my mind (goal) to get it and then everything sort of fell into place. I borrowed a bit but most importantly, used my negotiation skills to bring the price right down. I used to show up with cash to a car seller’s house and be nice at first and then start finding a thousand faults with the car. I would use the push-pull system where I would praise the car first, then criticise this bit or that bit, then show the seller that I had cash and basically wear them down until they would eventually part with their car for a LOT less but in cash. In the end, seller & buyer were satisfied - most importantly this #satisfaction would go on to train my brain to achieve higher things using similar techniques. I had to use my #mind to get what I wanted and the best way I knew at that time was to show up with cash and try my luck. I went on to buy many cars like this. So, if you want to go from a basic car to a #supercar, you need to start training your mind to get you what you want at an early stage but you must always practise with something that is a little bit beyond your reach. Think of it as a bit of exercise for the mind. Remember, brain waves travel at the speed of light! You have a LOT of #power in your mind.

Goal Setting

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