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What are the main traits of successful entrepreneurs?

What are the traits of successful entrepreneurs? Over the years, I have been told by many people that I am “a true entrepreneur”. I didn’t really know what this meant. Here are some traits that many entrepreneurs share and if you want to have your own successful business, you may want to try and emulate some of these - especially if they don’t come naturally to you, which I suspect is the case with the majority of you. 1. Not being afraid - I can tell you that by my nature, I am not afraid of things in business. Entrepreneurs are not afraid of making decisions, losing money, getting it wrong, suing, being sued, working hard etc etc. This is a fact for me. 2. Making quick decisions - I always make quick decisions and don’t hang around. It may be the right one or the wrong one but life is too short and you want to have the edge. If you get it right, then great! You are ahead of the game. If you get it wrong, then it doesn’t matter. It is better to act and act fast than take forever making a decision. I would say this is the BIGGEST difference between me, as a successful business owner and all the managers and high end people that have worked for me. I am impatient and I get on with it. I am a decision-maker. 3. Not getting emotional - I don’t get too emotionally attached to decisions. If you have to do something, get on with it. Don’t analyse it too much. 4. Delegation is very important - I am a good entrepreneur but I am a terrible manager. I find so many faults with people that I just can’t deal with them. This is why I delegate dealing with staff to others. If you want to be successful in business, you have to delegate. 5. Know your strengths and weaknesses - Once you truly know yourself, you can make the best decisions and trust your instincts. I never regret a decision even if it was the wrong choice! I trust myself so much that even if I make the wrong decision I will see it as the right decision “at the time”!

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