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What business should you start? And why "control" is important

Many people message me asking for what business to start. Shop, bitcoin, gaming, service industry etc Firstly, I am no expert. I've just done better than a lot but there are still a LOT that have done better than me. One thing I personally go by is that I don't do anything that I don't have control over (within reason as you don't really have control over anything). I will explain more in a second. But first I need to tell you that most #entrepreneurs are a bit of a contradiction as they love to have control but they take risks too! 🤔 So, expanding on this, I do take quite a few risks in trying to grow my success and improve my position. However I personally like to have a lot of control. I don't do currencies, shares and I don't go into partnerships with people. I have on a few occasions and have regretted it. I know these work for some people but not for me. I always advise people to do things they KNOW ABOUT, they are passionate about and they have a certain degree of CONTROL over. I understand that the gains may be greater from high risk, less control ventures but the losses can be great too. And remember, whenever you are too desperate for success/money and too emotional, you will probably make bad decisions.

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