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What does "making it" really mean? And how to make it and go beyond

What does it mean to “make it”? Quite a few people on Instagram with nice cars talk about having “made it”. I know people with 1 Ferrari who blag about having made it and I know people with 400 cars who never dare say any silly stuff like “I’ve made it”. I am quite materialistic (being truthful with you) but I can tell you that I have never considered having a nice car or a nice house as having “made it”. As much as materialistic people can be superficial, you must have another dimension to your being as well. It cannot all just be about buying nice stuff and having money. I have a £2m P1. Have I made it? Well, I had a £10m house 10 years ago, did I make it then? Let me tell you what I think “making it” is in my opinion (and feel free not to read further): You come into this world and you spend your whole life avoiding death. Then in the end, you die anyway! To me, having “made it” is having had a long, prosperous, rewarding and happy life. Money means absolutely nothing without the real things that matter which are: 1. Health - number one. Without health, you have nothing. 2. Happiness - I will address this in other posts but you must learn to be happy with what you have RIGHT NOW. Happiness is the essence of your soul and who you are. If you are not happy, you have not “made it”. Rich people who are unhappy have not made it! 3. Successful relationships - Whether it is friendships or marriage, you must work on having successful relationships in your life. That feeds your soul and brings you other things that you desire - I sound like Gandhi! When you have health (by paying attention to your lifestyle), happiness (by learning how to be happy) and good relationships, then you can make money and buy materialistic things if you want. You would never hear me tell you that I have “made it”. That’s for people to judge after I am gone.

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