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Why obsessing with the Competition means you will lose!

I will get to this photo in a second. If you're just starting out in #business or have a love rival, here's some advice: Don't worry about the competition! I had a successful canvas printing business a few years back that I sold to a friend of mine. He was so obsessed with his other canvas printing competitors that he spent 70% of his time on what "they" were doing rather than growing his own business! Needless to say he took my beautiful ex business to an early grave! 🙄Now, this photo: I opened a concept store in #London a few years ago and quite a few competitors slated it. One in particular was brutal and making nasty comments all the time about the store to anyone and everyone. I didn't know because I don't really care about the competition but someone told me. Again, another person obsessed with competitors (me in this case) who unfortunately (not) went bust! My store went on to become runner up as he best design small store in the UK. My point is, try and put 95% or more of your energy into yourself if you want success. Don't worry about competitors as that will slow your momentum down. There are always going to be competitors and be prepared for more in the future. If your focus is you and your own growth and innovation, competitors shouldn't be part of your daily thoughts. I hope this helps. So many people message me asking for things that I feel it's better to share them here so more people will benefit. Of course, there are many people much more successful than me but they don't usually share any secrets or knowledge - not for free anyway! By the way I would say the same applies to interpersonal relationships! If you have a love rival, concentrate on your own relationship and don't get too obsessed with the rival or you'll lose!


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