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Why positive thinking really CAN give you everything

A lot of people talk about the power of “positive thinking” and perhaps you, much like myself when I was younger, hear this and say: “yeah whatever”. You couldn’t be more wrong. What you say to yourself on a daily basis is what you will become. The times that I have had the most negative thoughts and language are the times that I have gained the least. I am being honest here when I tell you that by my nature, I am a bit of a moaner! My personality (if I let it get hold of me) is that of a moaner and “victim”. “Oh poor me, I have a lot of competitors” “Oh poor me, I didn’t make enough money today” “Oh poor me, life is hard, economy is bad, blah blah”. Then you ask, how am I successful? Because I always try and counteract this way of thinking and replace it with positive words and positive thoughts CONSTANTLY. If you, find it hard, then you must use tools to elevate yourself. Here are some tools: 1. Choose 5 positive phrases and put them in your phone’s diary and make sure they pop up a few times a day. Examples are: “I will succeed no matter what” “This is a small setback in my long successful journey” “I’m happy” (You can do this by looking in the mirror and smiling) The brain perceives you as happy when you smile in the mirror. 2. Put empowering, aspirational photos on your phone and computer. Something that makes you feel happy when you look at it. For example, I have a photo of a beautiful flat in Monaco and a mansion in Miami on my desktops because I want to live in those places one day. I went from a Mercedes SL (which by the way, when I had it was new and used to get as much looks as a Lambo!) to a Lamborghini Aventador, primarily because I think positively and I believe everything is achievable if you put your mind to it. You don’t need rich parents (I didn’t have them), you don’t need tons of money to start (I borrowed and started small) and you don’t need anyone to help you (be self-reliant and don’t be needy). Use the power of your own mind, your own goals, tools to keep you focused and positive thoughts on a daily basis.

The power of positive thinking

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