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Why you are closer to being successful than you thought!

Did you know that in reality, you are closer to being successful and possibly very wealthy than you think! Today I am going to give you a bit of good news. Many people look at things out of their reach and immediately decide that it is, well, “out of their reach”. Let me tell you some facts. In Marbella, many of the amazing supercars you see being driven around by the super rich are actually rented to them - and these people are not super rich at all. You may be thinking in your head that there are so many rich people out there and that it’s hard to be like them and so on, but the reality is that there actually aren’t that many rich people out there as most people give up on the essentials that can get them rich. So, you have a much better chance of getting there if you are focused, determined with above average go-getting skills. Another fact for you: out of all my friends from college and university put together, I am probably one of the most successful. Why? Because most of them either weren’t fussed or didn’t have what it takes. Therefore, you are much closer to being wealthy and successful, because contrary to what “seems” to be the case, you actually don’t have a lot of competitors out there. Most people are not bothered about rising to the very top. They don’t own that Lambo in Puerto Banus! They rent it for a few days! If you ARE fussed about getting rich and owning it, they are not going to get in your way! Neither are any of my friends from college or university. You see, sometimes perception is very different from reality when you scratch the surface.

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