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Why you need to create your OWN REALITY to become successful

Do you see #expensive stuff and get frustrated or #driven? Many people give up before they start with negative thoughts. You see a pretty person and you think you’ll never be that pretty or go out with someone that pretty or you see a rich guy and think you’ll never be that rich. The majority of rich people have got there because of rich parents. If you take out that fact, the rest got there through their own efforts and most of them are no more intelligent than you. They are probably more driven and better at goal-setting and achieving milestones. Same goes for pretty photos. If you take out the photoshop, you are left with people such like yourself with cellulite, fat, scars, pimples, farts, bad breath etc etc So don’t use negative language and get put off by seeing extravagant things on Instagram. Start using them as YOUR goals and believe me when I tell you they are achievable and often a lot quicker than you think. Good news is, you can also get Photoshop or something similar. And you can also start setting some goals and achieving them. A good place to start would be to see what it is you are going to buy today that you can do without. Such as that Starbucks coffee or the chocolate. Put the money for it away in a piggy bank or even better, a new account. See, you are already richer! Put money away like this and one day when you have an idea or you see an opportunity, you will have a little bit saved up to take that opportunity and do something with it. Don’t moan. Change "I can’t" to "I CAN" and "I WILL". I did! I didn’t have rich parents. Far from it. And I am no model either! - Though in my head I think I am very good looking - because I CHOOSE to think that! Of course, some may call that deluded! I call it MY REALITY.

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