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Why you need to think about money and put it as a priority if you want to become rich!

Very few people are driving around in a new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso right now. I am - and it’s one of many cars! I am not boasting; I am qualifying what I am about to say. I’m going to say something controversial today. Many people dish out advice saying become successful first and then the money will come. I think this is the biggest load of bullshit out there and to be honest, the only people that say this have probably not made any decent money! And by decent I am talking about millions. I know so many “successful" people that make very little if any money! I have known fitness stars with hundreds of thousands of followers that make no more than an average salary. So how has their success brought them money??? I know scientists that are mega successful in their fields and they are starving! I know tons of business people that have successful businesses but drive around in vans and can’t understand how I buy a new car every week - and I am not talking about a Smart car! What they all fail to understand is that if money is not your main target, then you are leaving it to chance. And chance has a tendency to let you down! Don’t get me wrong, in whatever I do, I am a perfectionist and deliver the very best. Whether it is a book I write, or a supplement I formulate or a documentary I am making, I make sure it is the best so the end user/consumer does not have anything to better it. However (and I am being honest here, so please don’t hate) I am (usually unless it's a book) doing it to make money and the rest is a byproduct. Most “advisors” advise you the opposite saying do something you like and become successful and the money will come! BULLSHIT! If anyone tells you that, chances are they have not made big money or they are just lying to you, because many people don’t like others to be successful. I want you to be successful as a) it doesn’t affect my own success! And b) I have always tried to help others along my path. So if you want to make money, then set your goal to make money. This has to be your primary goal! Surely that is logic!!

Think of money

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