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Why your "comfort zone" is your number 1 enemy when you want to succeed and how to get out

Do you know what your number 1 enemy is when it comes to making progress? It's comfort. Your "comfort zone". It stops you from asking that girl out, it stops you from leaving that dead-end job, it stops you from waking up at 5 am to bang out some work and so on. Very #successful people constantly step out of their comfort zone and move the zone to embrace new challenges. I have: asked out the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, travelled by myself to weird places, left a secure job, fired long term employees that weren't performing, parted with disloyal friends and done much more because staying in your comfort zone and not taking a chance is a mistake when you want to progress. And I've done all of these rapidly. But how do you know what your comfort zone is and how do you get out of it? Your comfort zone is where you prefer to be and make a thousand excuses to stay in! To get out of your comfort zone, 1. Don't over-analyse 2. Remember that you only grow if you step out of this lazy zone 3. Just go for it. Don't talk to anyone, don't worry and don't stress. As they say, if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger. That is a promise. I promise you, very very successful people are always moving out of their comfort zones. If you want to be like them, you need to do the same. BTW - stepping out is not about what others want for you. It's about what YOU want.

Comfort zone

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