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People you should AVOID in your journey to success!

In your journey to success you need to avoid certain types of people. Sometimes, you may get lured in but in my experience and on the whole the following people should be avoided. This list is not exhaustive! Lawyers who do not come across well in meetings. Accountants that drive old cars. Financial advisors that seem to have no money. Social media gurus who have no following. Cold callers that call you to sell you ANYTHING. If you need something, you can look it up yourself. Mentors who don’t actually give you any practical info but just give you “quotes”! Builders that want all their money upfront. Salespeople who want the bulk of their salary upfront and don’t want to “risk” anything because they are not sure they will bring in the money. Employees who come in late and always have an excuse. Anyone that you get an “instinct” they are not going to work out. Don’t be fooled by people and their BS. Take your time and do your own research. Personal recommendations are always good. Ask people to show you proof of their success and work. Don’t be desperate. It’s better to work with someone good than someone available.

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