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Don't think BIG!

Some people achieve by NOT thinking big! Want to know how and why? A LOT of people get scared or put off by thinking big. Their mind does not enable them to put things in place to take action when they think of something big. A good example is weight loss. I have worked with thousands of people for weight loss and I would say 50% of them don’t like the thinking big ideology. They get scared or put off immediately, before even starting. For these people, thinking big doesn’t help. It just becomes a big

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obstacle that they never manage to chip away at. What’s the solution if you are one of these people? 1. Don’t stress. 2. Think smaller chunks. 3. Take 1 day and 1 step at a time. So, instead of aiming to lose 5 stones in 6 months, aim to lose 500g by the end of the week. It is much easier. The same principle can be applied to success. If the thought of success and thinking big scares you, then break it down into smaller chunks. Don’t think of making £100k extra this year. Thin of making an extra £400 this month. Do it little by little but be consistent and remember, one day at a time. Do not worry about the future and don’t refer back to the past. One day at a time.

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