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How to calm your mind and relax to pave the way for success

The road to success is sometimes off the beaten track and you won’t get there if your mind is not right. Many people get panic attacks and are anxious. You can’t perform when you feel like this. Let’s take a look at some steps to stop being nervous, anxious and get you to be more relaxed so you can think and work better.

1. Cut down caffeine. As much as it does boost you, I would say the number 1 reason for anxiety and “panic” is caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa). And I am telling you this as a 20 year veteran of complimentary medicine!

2. Do not live in the past. Regret brings you a big fat NOTHING.

3. Don’t worry about the future. You can “think” about the future, but do not worry about it. Live in the moment and don’t worry past the hour. Really!

4. Go to your local health shop and buy some Rescue Remedy spray or drops. Whenever your get stressed, spray some in your mouth. It is made of 5 Bach Flower remedies. Bach remedies have been treating people’s minds since the early 20th Century.

5. Devote 30 minutes every day to yourself. No phones, kids, partner or anything. Go and sit somewhere quiet and just relax. Maybe listen to some relaxing music.

I go inside one of my cars in my garage and relax there! Stressed and anxious people give out bad vibes to everyone around them (including themselves) and achieve so much less. Aim to be stress-free from tomorrow.

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