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How to be a Successful Entrepreneur Book, out now!

Here it is! My new book. You have been messaging me none stop and I guess I better let you know ahead of the official launch! It's just been added to Amazon so needs a few days to sort itself out on there. It is called How to be a Successful Entrepreneur by Parham Donyai and it is available from Amazon and other retailers as a Paperback or Kindle edition.

I hope you find it interesting, useful and practical and I really hope you put all the advice within its pages to good use and become #successful. Please read the Amazon description to see what's inside the book as it covers many varied things you need to start and grow a business and to become a success. Please feel free to leave an Amazon review if you get it from there and feel free to message me too with your feedback. You guys are the reason why I took 4 weeks off my busy schedule to complete this book so I really hope you like it.

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