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How to deal with bullies and difficult people on your journey to success

Power comes in different shapes and by different means. In this car below, it's a combination of petrol and electric! I get all sorts of messages these days and a few of them are about bad managers and people who block your way. How do you deal with them, I get asked. In your road to success, you will always come across people who are nasty to you, such as managers who make your life hell or just random people that don’t let you get what you want.

An example can be a difficult person in your local bank or someone working in a company you have to deal with. Let’s classify them as bullies, because ultimately this is what they are. To be successful, you need to deal with them and not shy away from confronting them. Firstly, you need to not be scared. These people usually have a problem within themselves in the first place and are actually weak! Confront them if you can. You will be surprised how powerful a simple phrase like “what’s your problem?” can be and what it can bring out! You should also always go to their superior and make a logical complaint.

Don’t huff and puff and come across as the aggressor. Be calm and exaggerate their failure and the fact that poor little you is just “trying to get by”. Manipulate the situation to your advantage. Make them look like the aggressor. Evidence also helps.

These days you can record anything on your phones. Show the superiors evidence of their aggression or shortcomings. Dare I say, edit things to your advantage. Hey, if you want to be successful you need to fight your way up and get past bullies in all shapes and in all parts of your life. Power is sometimes given but for the most part, you need to grab it by being smart.

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