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5 types of people you should avoid on your road to success

Want to know about 5 types of people you may want to stay away from if you want to accelerate your success?

1. Needy people - They are usually negative and they sap your energy. They have their own issues and need constant reassurance and attention and take away your focus. They are like a plant that needs constant attention. I personally much prefer the cactus!

2. Liars - If you find someone is lying to you, then chances are, this is one of their traits and they will always lie to you. How can you trust them to be by your side on your journey to success? Stay away from liars.

3. People with bad principles - These are people who are always late, or always bad-mouthing others etc. Those who have no principles cannot be relied on when the going gets tough.

4. People who use recreational drugs - Now, this is my own personal experience, but I find those who smoke cannabis to be amongst the laziest and most demotivated/unreliable people I have ever met. I know I am going to get tons of messages from regular cannabis smokers telling me how wrong I am and how they are geniuses because they smoke cannabis, but hey, it is my post and my opinion based on my experiences! As for other drugs, then all I can say is that people who use recreational drugs are lacking something and you really need strong people around you when you are trying to succeed.

5. Jealous people - Whether

they joke in your face or talk behind your back, jealous people are poison for someone who craves success. Try and surround yourself with happy, fun, positive, passionate and whole people. You will do well.

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