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How a skinny guy went on to build his body and an empire

This guy came to Britain as a scrawny weak 14 year old. He wore thick glasses and didn’t speak much English. He used to be picked on by all sorts of bigger guys in school because of his small frame, his glasses and because of his lack of English. He was quite funny, so after a while, they stopped picking on him. Sadly, he didn’t do well in school at all. In fact, he failed his O’levels, A’levels and had to retake his degree too!

His body remained weak and friends would tease him about it. Despite all this, he was always strong inside and knew he would get somewhere in life. He started weight training. He started reading self-help books. His body got stronger, much stronger. His mind got stronger. He read, he listened to people wiser than him and emulated them. This guy started to be somebody. Because of the body he was building and the knowledge he was sharing, people started to listen to him. This guy didn’t do well academically at first, but ended up

with a good education because of persistence and perseverance. This guy went on to start several multi-million pound companies. This guy was no longer picked on and was no longer weak. This guy was me. This guy is me. We are the same. The difference is what you choose to put your mind to do.

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