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How to have a successful day tomorrow

It’s Monday today. How are you planning your day? Would you like to have a productive Monday? Shall we talk about how you can do this? For starters, your Monday should have been planned by Sunday.

Never leave it until Monday (or any day) to plan that day. Your day should be planned at least the night before, if not earlier. If you haven’t planned your Monday, then you are not going to be fully productive and you are leaving your success to chance. You need to get a pad and pen right now and plan your Monday. Plan your clothes, watch, shoes...

Here is some help:

1. Plan your wake up time (set your alarm)

2. Plan your breakfast (porridge, egg, OJ, coffee/tea is not a bad start)

3. Plan all the things you will be doing until lunch as bullet points and write them down. Make sure you tick them off on Monday as you achieve them.

4. Plan your lunch (meat or veggie protein, salad, a bit of pasta or rice, vegetables is not bad)

5. Plan your afternoon with bullet points to tick off

6. Plan your dinner (similar to lunch without he carbs). Plan your training. Plan your meditation.

Now, I understand that some of you will be working for others and your day may not be so easy to plan, but you can still plan the other bits that you ARE in control of. I promise you, if you plan your day from the day/night before, you will be so much more productive. Your mind will be clear and your day will go well. Remember, you need to write it all down on a piece of paper with a pen (not in your phone notes) and tick things off as you do them. Good luck.

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