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How to make the right choice at important crossroads

Here is my #G63 on the 50th anniversary of #AMG. It reminds me of a well-known poem by Robert Frost: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both”. There’s more to this poem but let’s hold it there.

At some or several stages in your life, it may be now or some time in the future, you WILL come across this road. You may recognise it or you may not, but if you take the wrong turn, it will change your destiny. How can you recognise it and how can you take the right turn? You will recognise it because it will be a time when the choices available to you will be at different extremes. You will find it hard to choose, because your head will say one thing and your heart will say another. You will make the right choice, because you will look back at your previous experiences and you will not repeat past mistakes and you will emulate past successes, however small they may have been. You will choose the right road, because you will think about where it will lead you and you will recognise yourself at the end of that road, happy and content.

You cannot travel both but you must travel the one that gives your inner soul fulfilment and your mind, the success you crave. I’m being a bit philosophical today 🤔 I hope the above makes sense to you. If it doesn’t, read it again.

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