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How not to let others put you off your journey to success

Do you have what it takes to be a stand-out success from everyone else and take your own unique journey?

When Elon Musk wanted to start Space X, so many people tried to put him off. Some friends even went through the trouble of sending him videos of rockets blowing up! He had 3 failures in a row, but did he pack it in? Of course not. Then, NASA calls him with a $1.5bn contract! Well-meaning friends and relatives don’t understand entrepreneurs.

When I decided to leave the security of the legal profession in my early twenties, lots of my friends and relatives tried to “talk sense” to me and put me off going on my own. “Sense” to them was not sense to me. It never was. I have my own path and follow no one. Successful entrepreneurs have made their own plans and follow their path and don’t let others put them off. Others mean well, sure. Don’t blame them for it but remember that if you are truly destined for success, you need to follow your destiny and go all out for it. Don’t argue with friends and relatives. Thank them for their concern and just carry on. If I had listened to people before I started my journey in business, I would be in a dead-end job that I didn’t enjoy. Instead I followed and am still following my journey with no set roads. Don’t be put off your aspirations and ambitions by others who don’t have what it takes.

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