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How you come across can affect your success

When you are trying to be more successful, you need to come across well. We are the heroes of our own stories & don’t see ourselves the way others do.

I had my hair long in my 20s. Recently, I had it long again. Problem was, I am in my 40s! I thought I looked cool until I saw another guy in his 40s with long hair and thought it looked terrible. I cut mine right away. God knows how I came across recently. 🙄 I’ve been watching a few Insta videos of guys who have achieved things & bought nice cars and man, they look bad. "If you want to be like me and buy a nice big car like mine, follow me”. CRINGE! I know what you’re thinking. I am doing exactly that on my Instagram! I know! 🙁

However, I am going somewhere with it. You see, I never do anything without a reason. I am launching something incredible in the auto industry and therefore needed a good audience of auto fans. Hence why I have been one of these “people” who has been showcasing his cars. I hope very shortly, you will understand why I have been doing it. In the meantime and back to you, ask 2-3 of your closest friends how you come across.

Let them guide you. Long hair in your forties, showing off your precious car, telling girls how good you are in bed, calling yourself “Frankie Ferrari” and so on are probably not good ideas if you want to come across well and be known as someone with substance! If you don't, then fine. -->The line between being a winner and showcasing it like a loser is a fine one <-- I know I have crossed it a few times by showcasing my cars recently & hope you will forgive me once you see what I have been working on for the last year.

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