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How caffeine can destroy your health

Do you like coffee? Should you consume Caffeine? For success, you need to be healthy and have relatively little stress. So many people message me for advice on various things, that I thought I would address a big topic here. Caffeine is a drug. If you have any heart issues, the first thing cardiologists tell you to stay away from is caffeine, followed by smoking and alcohol. Isn’t it interesting that the spate of heart problems, palpitations, anxiety and panic attacks have gone up pretty much in line with the relatively recent boom in “coffee culture”?

I am sure social media and the constant bombardment with news and info that we don’t need or is relevant to us, also has something to answer for too. Coming back to caffeine, if you are young, healthy and have no medical conditions, caffeine is OK to take, especially as a boost or for weight loss - for short periods. Otherwise, be careful how much caffeine you take because it is often the piece of the puzzle that takes people over the edge and causes all sorts of problems especially anxiety, panic, lack of concentration, irritability and stress.

Caffeine puts your entire hormonal system out of sync and repeated daily, well you can imagine. Some people are OK with some form of caffeine than others. For example, I have no problems with tea but coffee is terrible for my system. You find caffeine in tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, supplements and energy drinks. Like most other drugs, you are dependant on caffeine and you must never go “cold turkey”! If you want to stop caffeine, you have to reduce it slowly.

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