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It's not WHAT happens to you that's important. It's HOW you deal with it that makes or b

I want to talk about something really important with you today. Successful people have one particular skill that you must adopt if you want to have the same level of success in business and life generally. —>It is not WHAT happens to you in life that is important. It is HOW you deal with it <—that determines the outcome, the way you feel and progress and the way others feel and react around you.

Successful people come across the same hurdles and hassles as everyone else but they deal with it totally differently. I don’t mind telling you that sometimes I am not good at dealing with certain things. But in order to be successful, I have had to adopt a different attitude. The times I have been the most successful have been when I have dealt with things wholly differently than what my inner self “prompts” me to do. If you want to be truly successful, you must control the following:

1. You cannot be over-sensitive 2. You cannot take things personally 3. You cannot see yourself as a victim - bad things happens in life all the time and will keep happening 4. You cannot be quick to anger 5. You must do what’s right by you and not listen to others 6. You must think about the consequences of all actions before taking them. 7. Never make an important decision when hungry, tired or emotional.

Example: If your GF or BF breaks up with you, apply the above 7 and you will get a much better outcome. If you have a problem at work, do the same. Apply the same principles to ANY situation where things are going bad and you will get a better outcome. Good luck 👍

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