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Why "working smart" is NOT how you will become rich and successful

I want to dispel a myth about success. Some silly people lecture, write books or preach about “working smart” and how you can “make millions” and become a success by working less; even just 1 hour a day. This really upsets me because so many gullible people believe this crap and end up not getting anywhere in life.

The only ones that get rich are the preachers of this rubbish. It reminds me of bodybuilding magazines with all the huge steroid-ridden guys who tell you that working out their way will make you massive (not mentioning the little fact that they are pumped full of steroids). There are a few lucky people that can work little and make a lot of money. These people are RARE. I mean, 1 in 10,000. There are also those who are born rich and those that have sold their companies and been lucky. For the most part, 99% of very successful people work very hard and very long hours. You will NOT become rich and successful by working 1 hour a day. Those who tell you to learn their secrets and become a millionaire by working 1 hour a day from home are LYING to you. Again, there are very rare exceptions. For the majority of people, not working hard will not make them successful.

I know many billionaires and millionaires in Marbella, London, Gibraltar, USA, HK etc and ALL of them work extremely hard, some not even taking lunch breaks. If working “smart” and little was the way, why do billionaires Beizos, Zuckerberg, Musk etc all work 15+ hour days? So, do yourself a favour and if you want to be truly successful, be ready to put in long hours and do very hard work for many years.

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