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How to make a decision and move on

One of the key skills of successful people is they make a decision and move on. They don’t linger and they don’t keep going back to the past. I wasn’t born rich and I wasn’t successful early on but I learnt fast and when I learnt, I didn’t look back.

You know, when you are young and you like a girl/guy and you go out with them and it doesn’t work out? Do you then you go back maybe again for a second try? Maybe a third? This is all well and fine when you are in your teens and early twenties, but not as you go on in life.

Don’t repeat mistakes and don’t be a loser, “hoping” that things will work out when they have shown you that they didn’t. Successful people, do not make the same mistakes. If a relationship didn’t work out, a successful person never goes back to it. If they learnt something, they move on and accomplish the next goal.

I see so many of my friends in their 30s, 40s, 50s, who are lost and going through the same motions again and again. They ask for my advice but when I give it, they don’t take it anyway! 🙁

I guess everyone needs to find their own way but if you did want to listen to me, do not repeat past mistakes and do not go back to old relationships, whether personal or business. There was a reason why they didn’t work out and chances are, they won’t work out again. So, why waste precious time you could be spending pursuing new, exciting opportunities which have not been explored before? There is so much to learn and accomplish in life. Going to the past only keeps you in the past.

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