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How to spot a liar! Become more successful by analysing people

One of the strengths of successful people is that they are very good at analysing people and knowing if they are lying. If you can decipher when someone is lying to you, then you can save yourself a lot of headaches and make much better decisions, ultimately leading you to a more successful personal and work life.

Here are some ways to tell if someone is not being truthful: 1. They cover their face when they are talking. It doesn’t have to be full coverage. Can just be covering their nose or part of their face. 2. They turn their face away from you. 3. They change the conversation. 4. They put objects between themselves and you. It can be anything from a pen to a chair! 5. Liars often don’t make eye contact - but don’t rely just on this one! 6. Their animal gestures won’t match their words. For example, they may say yes but shake their head. Or say they like you but look unhappy and frowning. 7. They are stiff with their expressions. Most people when they laugh and they like you, laugh with their whole face. Someone that is lying to you may just laugh by doing a small smile. 8. Liars often take longer to answer you or may stall and think or even ask you a question to buy time! 9. If they roll their eyes up and to their right, they may be accessing the “creative” part of their brain! 10. Liars may get dry mouths and go pale. 11. Liars often try and comfort themselves by self touching. 12. Last one, they look for the exit! They could look at the door a lot.

Hope you found this useful. I use these tools all the time. Go and test them out and find yourself a liar!

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