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The trick to finding enough REASONS to want to be successful

The other day when I was in London, I had a medical emergency and my doctor told me to go to A&E ASAP! 🙁

So, there I was in A&E with lots of other people of all walks. The guy next to me was a young guy who had something up with his heart - anxiety possibly. He said “doesn’t it suck man, to sit here, not have private health and have to wait for hours?”. I agreed. I, of course have private health but this was an emergency.

The next day, I went and did every test under the sun at the best institution in London and paid for it on my card. I didn’t care about the cost or claiming from my private health. I don’t know what happened to the young man next to me; I wish him well. He will probably have to wait for weeks to get relevant tests. I am not knocking the NHS at all, as I was very impressed and think they do a fantastic job. What I am getting to is that money can buy you anything you want, most importantly convenience. It can also speed up things when you are not well. This experience of mine gave me yet another reason to carry on with my journey to become more successful.

Money may not bring actual happiness but it can give you virtual happiness. Give yourself enough reasons to want to be successful and wealthy and you will soon get there. Start today. Keep a diary and write down with a pen, 5 reasons every day why you want to be wealthy. Soon, your brain will pick up on them and guide you. They can be big reasons like not wanting to be on a medical waiting list or small reasons like wanting to buy something.

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