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Here's a business idea for you to make money NOW!

You guys are constantly messaging me for business ideas. Here is another idea you can give a try: Think very hard and find something local to you that you can sell elsewhere in the world. You really need to have imagination and a good eye for this one. Once you have found it, they key is marketing it properly and then finding the right channel to sell it through. I will give you a few examples.

Do you remember the people that bottled “Welsh Air” and sold it to the Chinese? Brilliant or Daft, they made a business of it, even if for a while. It was the idea + marketing + sales channel. Think, what do you have around you or you have access to that you can sell elsewhere in the world. The reason why I am always recommending travelling is that it opens your eyes. You would be surprised what can be in demand in other places that is normal to you. This can also be if you have “access” to something, that others don’t.

Do you know an old man with a stamp collection that he is doing nothing with? Do you live near a saffron field? Think hard. There is a business idea somewhere near you. If you want it bad enough, it will come to you; I promise. Winning starts with beginning. Begin now.

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